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What is More Than Beauty?

More Than Beauty is a powerful story of connectedness and opportunity for people, environments, ideas and innovative products that are - MORE THAN BEAUTY. They are the soul, the content, the story, creativity, uniqueness, kindness, our worldviews, they are values that we stand for. All this reflects every product and every person who is part of the MORE THAN BEAUTY project. Are you with us?



Many boutique unique products from unknown backgrounds cannot compete with multinationals. That’s why at MORE THAN BEAUTY, we create a powerful sales channel, by connecting, for good innovative stories to get their space in the world. We help them become visible and recognizable.

We want you to say - I CAN DO IT! and create something unique. Something where your talent and heartbeat come together. Something that can't be copied because you and your story are unique and inimitable. We help you show it to the world. Will you join us?

Important Note: We will help you, maybe you will help the others. We want you to remember your beginnings. The spirit of MORE THAN BEAUTY is hs how to create a help network, a support network, a network of small successful stories, that become great through networking.

What do we want to show the world?

  • More emphasis on content and less on surface.
  • More respect and strong personal relationships and less stay in the virtual world.
  • More networking and less competition.
  • More self-esteem and positive self-image and less consumer pressure from beauty norms.
  • More space for exceptional creative individuals and less subordination to corporate monopolies.
  • More creativity and uniqueness and less copies.
  • More support, kindness, donated help and less egoism.
  • More emphasis on positive values ​​and less on negative ones.
  • More real hugs and less attachment to virtual likes.
  • More respect for local and less self-evident domestic products and people.

Or simplified - we want to improve the quality of life. To you, to me, to us, to them, to everyone.

Note: How can you live the mindset of the MORE THAN BEAUTY project? Every day, do your best to make someone's day better. Maybe give him a hand, make him laugh, maybe show him a chance or support his idea. Anything nice. This is how we put together a mosaic of a world where there will be more true beauty, goodness, success and happiness. All of us want it, don´t we?

It all starts with a story!

Due to a combination of circumstances, I devoted almost two decades of my life to various beauty choices and went the entire route from competitor to licensee of Miss Slovenia's most prestigious national Miss selection.

Throughout this time, from different angles, I became acquainted with the world of beauty competitions, modelling, fashion and the entertainment industry, and wondered over and over again - where is the content? Humans have become robots. We repress emotions, deny emotions, and instead of each developing our own unique personality, we prefer to follow systems that exhaust us and treat us solely as numbers. Where is this world going?

With my influence, I wanted to change the essence of beauty pageants and the world at large - I wanted less surface area and more content. But the unknown Jelka from the even less famous village Pijovci, in the middle of one of the smallest countries in the world, did not have enough influence to make a noticeable global shift. What can I do?

I have always believed that anything is possible, you just have to find the right path and the right approach.

And so, the MORE THAN BEAUTY project was created.

What can you expect from MORE THAN BEAUTY products?

Our every step, every project and every product MORE THAN BEAUTY embraces more than just beauty. Much more.

  • There is a strong story behind it (how the idea came about, who created it and how it is special, what inspires it…).
  • It is of good quality. Yes, quality is very important to us.
  • It improves the quality of life of an individual.
  • It is environmentally friendly, nature friendly.
  • It is definitely something unique (we don't want cheap copies).
  • Making it does not take advantage of the cheap labor of children in poor countries, nor does it employ the least costly approach that would impoverish anyone.
  • It is not a product of the corporate world, but of an individual or small local environment.
  • It reflects positive values ​​and, with something, somehow has a positive impact on the environment and the world.
  • We invest part of the proceeds in social projects that improve communities.
  • We love beauty but do not follow fashion trends, because it does not add value.
  • The producer matches the ideology and mentality of MORE THAN BEAUTY and everything we stand for.

What else can MORE THAN BEAUTY offer?

  • Educating young girls (helping girls to have more self-esteem and positive self-esteem that is not based on virtual world responses).
  • It supports local stories (Jarenina's local community organized a motor-lawn mower race and made a wonderful story of connecting the local community and promoting their hometown. Great, we supported that, of course!)
  • It offers young girls the opportunity to participate in business as project ambassadors.
  • Developing your own products and ideas
  • Organization cooperation
  • Collaboration in marketing
  • Creative collaboration

    Because we care!

    If we do not change the world for ourselves, let us at least do it for our posterity. Young people today are torn between reality and the virtual world. But with virtual friends, they are not really developing anything tangible to this world.

    Young people need to find their meaning and feel that they are co-creating this world - with real friends. This can be achived while creating, developing new products. They need challenges, relationships, socializing, personal growth and social competencies. Sometimes all they need is an opportunity.

    This is what we give to them at MORE THAN BEAUTY - let them create, develop, socialise and make outstanding innovative products that they can show to the world through our network. Looking at their pride and happiness when they manage it is priceless!