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Accept the challenge - and sew a top designer jacket on your own or with the help of your mother, grandmother, aunt or friend. Its value will be even greater as it will radiate your powerful experience and it will become an emotionally charged product because it was sewn for you by someone who loves you.

However, if you want to help people with special needs integrate into the outside world, we also offer you the option of making your new jacket a symbol of your empathy for your fellow man. How? We connected with the Zasavje Protective Work Center, whose users have been sewing for many years under the watchful eye of their mentors, and in addition to experience, they also have professional tools and an environment at their disposal.

"I think it's right to help create opportunities for people who are different from us and to include them in our world, so that their contribution to society can be heard and noticed," says Jelka Verk, co-owner of the More Than Beauty brand.


The idea for the product was born during the Masks for All campaign. In April 2020, at the time of the greatest shortage of protective equipment, we carried out an extensive campaign with the help of the Trbovlje company Dewesoft and the entrepreneurial accelerator Katapult, and donated for around 250,000 masks of material. Hoping to help as many people as possible, we sent the packages to anyone who contacted us. Each package contained a cutting sketch and the quality material needed to make the face mask. The campaign showed, among other things, how much people want to be useful. Thank you letters began to arrive at our address, in which the grandmothers described to us how good they felt to be able to sew masks for their grandchildren and neighbors, thus contributing their piece to the mosaic of a common fight against the pandemic. The ability to give each individual access to the material to make a hard-to-reach product at the time prompted us to think about what else we can do to be closer to people and more affordable in our primary business at the same time. We had a great idea! The "Masks for all" campaign showed that a huge number of people in Slovenia have sewing machines at home and know how to use them. Just why shouldn’t everyone who has this option sew jackets for themselves or for their loved ones?

That is why we, with the Katapult team and the Stroka Group, which support our project, have decided to offer you the opportunity, and at the same time make everything as easy as possible for you. We have prepared for you all the material you need to make a women's jacket - already cut fabric for each confection number, which is also machined in parts to make the jacket fit nicely, label, buttons, PDF and video instructions that will guide you precisely throughout the process.

The women's jacket Focus is the product of several months of development of the socially responsible brand More Than Beauty in cooperation with the best experts in the field of tailoring and sewing in Slovenia. During the development, we also tried in advance to prevent any problems that the user might face. We have packed precisely tailored and ready to sew goods and all the necessary accessories, in a package, which we deliver to your doorstep. The creative and innovative product "More Than Beauty by Me" in this form is a novelty on the world market - it is a form of experience - a jacket that would not be cheap due to its high quality materials, you can sew yourself and thus save money. Learn the necessary sewing skills and tricks with the help of precise written and video instructions.



Our video course with sewing instructions for the Focus jacket is divided into 15 chapters. Each step is shown in detail and accurately. We have tried in advance to prevent possible problems with a clear explanation and to facilitate the sewing process. When you buy the More Than Beauty by ME package, the courses are available to you free of charge. Join More Than Beauty Academy!



"If we want a better quality of life FOR EVERYONE, it is necessary to break down unjustified social stereotypes and build a society we can be proud of on the basis of noble beliefs and values. Vulnerable groups are definitely part of such an advanced society in everyday life and the outside world…"

At More Than Beauty, we connected with the Zasavje Protection Work Center, which cultivates the mentality of connecting, accepting and building a society in which every person has the right to participate, and to participate and win in it. We have joined the project Building VIP (Inclusive, Innovative, Connected Zasavje), through which we will also create innovative, zero-waste products.

VDC Zasavje users have already trained in sewing women's Focus jackets, so they can sew a top-quality jacket for you, and in this way you contribute to social responsibility. When ordering, indicate that you want to authorize VDC Zasavje to sew the jacket, and we will ship the package to their address, where your Focus jacket will also be sewn. All you have to do is sew on the buttons, as the cut is deliberately adjusted so that you can adjust it to your needs even more and more precisely with the help of the buttons.