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Made-to-Measure Clothing

One of the attributes of More Than Beauty products is that they strive for ethical production that does not take advantage of the cheap labour of children in poor countries and is not the result of the corporate world. The products are produced by individuals or small local environments who strive to live up to the values ​​espoused by the More Than Beauty project.

Although it is the result of the 'small world', which is incapable of competing with multinationals, it has advantage over them.

More Than Beauty's clothing collection is hand-sewn, so it is possible for each piece of clothing to be custom-made for you. This encourages the activities of local tailors, and allows you to make every piece purchased "like cast". Before we finally hand over the product to you, we also offer a calibration to ensure that the piece of clothing is truly custom-made for you.

If you would like a piece of clothing from More Than Beauty's current sewing collection, please contact us at morethanbeauty@katapult.si or with a private message from More Than Beauty's Facebook page. Write down your dimensions (cm) and notes in the message, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

The photos below should help you determine the correct dimensions.



First of all, we present an example of a Balance shirt, in which it is important to determine the length at the back in addition to the front length. Please carefully measure the circumference of your torso - your chest, waist and hips, sleeve length and shoulder width, so that we can provide you with a piece of clothing that will suit you.



The following is an example of a measurement with a Freedom coat. This coat model, as well as many of the More Than Beauty collections, which you measure in a similar way, gives you unlimited creativity. Keeping in mind that each piece of clothing is personalized with accessories that are manually added to the sewn product. Every chain, extra button or other decoration should be an opportunity to add a part of yourself to the coat! Surrender to your imagination and let us know your ideas along with your order.



Finally, here's a photo of the Loyalty coat, which also has two lengths, the front and back. Determine the one in which you feel best and in which you will shine! Carefully choose a coat colour with the right lining and give yourself inspiration!

We wish you a plenty of creativity, which is a value advocated by the More Than Beauty project!