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Masks for all
Masks for all
Masks for all
Masks for all
Masks for all
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Masks for all

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    … 14 days and sleepless nights, 95 kilometers of material, over 10,000 packages and more than 50 volunteers who performed the “MASKS FOR ALL” campaign! With the help of all the tailors who received our packages and diligently sewed masks and shared them with their neighbors and friends, we provided the Slovenes with 250,000 free washing masks, thus proving together that strength is in style! At the same time, we would like to inform you that our supplies have gone and that is why we are ending donations of material today. At More Than Beauty, we very much wish that the golden chain of human assistance would continue and that from the crisis that gripped us, we would all float together more connected and even better people!

    P.S. All those who have ordered the packages and have not yet received them, we kindly inform you that you will receive them in the next days.



  • Download a pattern from this link
  • Check out video instructions for production

  • Let’s help each other….

    A very common sentence that we hear these days. And we agree. It is importat that we stand together and help one another during the crisis. But sometimes we don’t even know where to start neither have funds to help. That is why we decided to come along. More Than Beauty together with a company Dewesoft and entrepreneurial accelerator Katapult prepeared free packages for sewing face masks. We invite anyone that has at least a little bit of a sewing streak, to order the package and make your own mask at home. With PACKAGE 1 you can make 12 masks and with PACKAGE 2 around 60. You can share sewed masks with your family and people, that you think need them. Package is free so you only have to pay for the shipping. 

    PACKAGE 1 (for 12 masks) includes:

    • 1 meter of fabric
    • 3 meters of elastics
    • 1 print of sewing pattern

    PACKAGE 2 (for 60 masks) includes:

    • 5 meters of fabric
    • 10 meters of elastics
    • 1 print of sewing pattern

    Each completed order receives a PDF document of sewing pattern via e-mail. 

    Enclosed fabric is made out of 60% polypropilen that ensures drops rebound, protects from small parts and aerosols. The fabric is washable between 60 and 90°C.

    Shipping and packing is paid by the customer when placing an order.

    By ordering this product, you commit to not selling the recieved goods, but donating them.

    You can find more specific instructions for using a washable cover here.


    »Kindness is a gold chain that connects the humanity«


    When a crisis comes, it is essential to react fast, which means there is no time for detailed planning. From the estimated costs, it looks like the online store will have some money left. Hence why we decided unanimously, that the whole surplus of money, which came from shipping and packing, is donated to organizations like Društvo prijateljev mladine Trbovlje, skavti iz Stega Zagorje 1 and others, who offered their help. This way, with our tiles that create a mosaic of a unified Slovenia, we make sure that the chain of kindness continues!

    #letshelpeachother #masksforeverybody


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